Our Story

A home and environment that feels not just beautiful, but healthy. A space that breathes and lives in harmony with nature. That's the kind of space we dreamed of, and why we decided to create our line of eco-friendly lime and plant-based paints.

It all started with a passion for sustainability and a fascination with the time-tested power of natural building materials. Joshua, with his background in masonry restoration, understood the incredible longevity, breathability, and timeless beauty of natural lime finishes. Meanwhile, Amanda's experience in education sparked a desire to make these wonderful finishes accessible to everyone – from seasoned pros to enthusiastic homeowners embarking on their first DIY project.

What Drives Us

Fueled by this shared vision, we founded our Kansas City-based company on a simple mission: to empower you to create beautiful, healthy spaces using the best nature has to offer. We believe everyone deserves to have eco-conscious options that are both high-performing and a joy to use. That means carefully crafting our lime paints in small batches right here in the USA, meticulously sourcing natural ingredients for our plant-based line, and striving to make all our products approachable to understand and apply.

The Product

Ready to step into a world of natural, breathable beauty? Our lime and innovative plant-based paints offer a unique depth and richness. Their subtle textures and natural variations create a sense of warmth, tranquility and beauty that feels rewarding to apply and live around. More than just aesthetics, they're a conscious choice – beneficial for both the environment and the health of your home.

A Growing Community

We're not just about selling paint; we're about building a community. A community of people who care about the spaces they inhabit, who understand the importance of choosing materials wisely. Through workshops, online resources, and personalized support, we aim to be your guide on this journey towards healthier, more beautiful spaces.

Let's Build Something Together

Whether you're a homeowner, designer, or building professional, we invite you to explore our paints and discover the power of natural finishes. Together, let's create spaces that are as inspiring as they are sustainable.