Thrive Natural Interior Paint
1 gallon * 128 US Fluid oz  |  365 SF Coverage   

Lunaria is a neutral cream paint color that encapsulates the understated elegance of the seeds of the Lunaria plant, offering a timeless appeal with its subtle undertones.


Innovatively formulated plant-based natural formula. A smooth, luscious paint providing an ultra matte finish. Colored with mineral pigments for a rich surface that responds beautifully to light. 

4 oz Sample Jar
Water, mineral fillers (chalk/clay), titanium dioxide (mineral pigment), natural binder made of plant alcohol esters, organic acids, cellulose (wood fiber), surfactants made of rapeseed, castor oil, potassium silicate (mineral binder from sand and mineral potassium)
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James Alexander Thrive Paints are exclusively sold direct-to-customer via web-store and at our gallery showroom.
The best way to order is to buy just a little extra for future touch up's (and if you use a little more than anticipated)! For figuring out quantities you'll want a tape measure. Paint quantity is measured by surface area so you'll need to know the approximate surface area you'll be painting. 

Here's how that is done: Measure length of the surface area and multiply that number by the height. This will give you the "square feet" number to know how many gallons you'll need. 

10 feet length X (times) 10 feet height = (equals) 100 square feet. Each gallon of our paint covers approximately 360 square feet of surface.

While our paints are considered self-priming, a quality primer layer is a great way to ensure that you are starting with a good base. Thrive Natural Primer is the best way to start a painting project with Thrive Paints for the best final results.

You must still prepare the surface properly for painting and our primer is not a sealing primer. This means that it will not seal materials such as wood tannins or oils. You will need a special sealing primer to prepare or spot-prime such surfaces prior to priming with our general purpose primer. 

We do not add algicides, mildewcides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or preservatives that are commonly found in conventional products. James Alexander Thrive products discourage the growth of mold, mildew, or other fungi by the mechanism of being a breathable coating and not trapping moisture. High moisture spaces, such as bathrooms or homes in humid climates should maintain proper ventilation.
We do not recommend using Thrive Interior Paint for floors, countertops, or areas that may experience water pooling.
Coverage and Application

360 square feet typical per-gallon


Thrive Natural Paint Primer creates a fully natural wall paint system


Interior walls, woodwork, and metal


2% Ultra matte finish


Brush, roller, or sprayer


Water based. Cleans easily with soap and water

This exceptional paint is made with care for people and environment:

> Made with plant and mineral ingredients

> Zero VOC, solvent, and toxin free

> Hypoallergenic

> No acrylic/petrochemicals

> Preservative free

> Durable, washable finish

> Colorfast mineral pigments

> Vegan & cruelty free

> Responsible sourcing

> Manufactured with wind and solar energy

> Shipped carbon neutral

> Ingredients are listed

> Meets or exceeds Indoor Air Comfort GOLD and LEED v4.1 standards

> easy clean up and low splatter application

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